Nepal, the Himalayan Countries with Diversity

  • Most Loyal


    Gurkha Shoulders are known whole over the world and Nepalese guards are very strong, loyal and energetic. Excellent Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd provides skilled security forces for global recruiters and companies.

  • Nepalese Worker

    Factory Worker

    Nepalese Workers are most adaptable and flexible employees. They perform their duities with higher sense of responsibility. Nepalse people have been working from garments, production companies, furnitures and many more.

  • Nepalese

    Hospitality Worker

    Nepalese people are very labrious and talented in hospitality. As Nepal is rich in culture and foods, their hands are tastey. They also know how to treat guest in most impresive way with smile.

  • Nepalease

    Care Giver

    When it comes to caring disabled people, old people or children, Nepalese people are expert. The women specially treat the clients very well interms of respect, manner , cleaniness and other special carings.

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